We started YUDU with a simple idea: Give people who love the outdoors the freedom to connect.

With YUDU, you control how your community comes together, what it sees, and what it shares.

You select not only the groups to join, but who joins your groups. You determine not just the content you post, but who sees your posts and which posts you see. With YUDU, the values you teach at home and the topics you discuss with friends can be shared openly without the rants and reprisals from strangers that you’ll get on other social media sites. Basically, it’s a place for us.


To connect and grow a community of outdoor enthusiasts by providing a superior social media platform that secures our freedoms.


To be the ultimate destination for the outdoor community. To do this, our pledge is:

  • To be the social platform outdoor enthusiasts can trust.
  • To share the stories, not the opinions.
  • To welcome the hunter, shooter, angler, and doer of all things outdoors.
  • To support your values - values not shared by other social media companies.

Core Values:

  1. FAITH — We openly and actively serve God, and His Word guides all that we do.
  2. FAMILY — We believe sharing moments and stories strengthens the bonds of family, friends, and communities.
  3. HERITAGE — We love this land. We uphold our Nation’s founding principles as expressed in the Bill of Rights. We honor the members of our Armed Forces as the protectors and defenders of our freedom.
  4. RESPECT — We believe that respect for others, even those with whom we disagree, forms the basis of all our relationships.
  5. INNOVATION — We embrace innovation as the best way to grow and support the YUDU community.
  6. FUN — We love the outdoors, and we love cutting up. So, whether we’re in a ladder stand or office chair, we are danged sure having fun!